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Global AI Industry updates.

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Volunteer Drone Teams Organize for COVID-19 Disinfection

Total disinfection coverage of DJI agricultural drones exceeds 600 million square meters across more than 1,000 villages.

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How AI Is Changing Your Kitchen

Thanks to AI technologies such as image recognition and machine learning, people can now save time, food and money in the kitchen while discovering creative and tasty recipes and even generating their own new and personalized flavours.

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2020 AI Residency Guide

As global AI development and deployment continues, the demand for AI talents is growing faster than ever. A number of industry leaders and reputable institutions offer AI residency programs designed to help nurture promising AI talents.

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AI In Wildlife Conservation

Image recognition technology in particular has come to play a valuable role in wildlife conservation, where endangered species are tallied and tracked so their numbers and migrations can be more accurately measured and understood.