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AI’s Role in a $2.5B Q&A Site

On August 8th Chinese Q&A website Zhihu — named after the Mandarin phrase “Do You Know?” — announced it had raised US$270 million in its Series E funding round. With 180 million registered users and 110 million answered posts, China’s biggest Q&A website and fourth-largest social media platform’s total valuation now stands at US$2.5 billion.

AI Technology

TensorFlow 2.0 Will Be a “Major Milestone”

Google Brain Software Engineer Martin Wicke says a preview version of TensorFlow 2.0 will be released later this year. To cope with dramatic changes in both users and use-cases, TensorFlow 2.0 will shift its focus to “ease of use.” Wicke made the announcements yesterday in a Google Groups post.

AI Health Technology

The Eyes Have It: DeepMind’s AI 3D OCT Scans

Artificial intelligence can now match or outperform human experts in diagnosis and referral on eye diseases, suggests a new paper from DeepMind. The UK-based, Google-owned research institute today released joint research results with the UK’s Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, which present a new AI technique in the context of OCT imaging. The paper was published on Nature Medicine’s website.


Julia 1.0 Released

MIT-developed Julia has become one of the world’s fastest-growing programming languages. Last year it teamed with a supercomputer to catalogue 200 million astronomical objects within 15 minutes — one thousand times faster than the previous rate.

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CycleGAN Bikini Fix for Nudes

The Internet is woven into our everyday lives. We access massive amounts of data through our laptops, smartphones and tablets. This free flow of information however has prompted attempts to filter content which may not be appropriate for example for young people. One such new effort from Brazil puts virtual bikinis on nudes.

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Tianrang Intelligence Gets $26 Million in Series A Funding

Shanghai-based Tianrang Intelligence announced today that it has secured over US$26 million in Series A funding led by CMB International Capital and Gaorong Capital, with Ziniu Fund and Wacai Technology also participating. The two-year-old startup is working on general artificial intelligence solutions and will use the new funding to create a “City Brain Lab.”

AI China

Smart Talk: China’s Open Voice Platforms

Over the past year Chinese startups and tech giants alike have developed their own voice technology ecosystems comprising product manufacturers, tech solution providers, content makers, and platforms designed to help hardware or skill applications “speak and be smarter.” In this article, we look at the current state of open voice platforms in China.

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Meituan Announces Autonomous Delivery Open Platform

Meituan, one of China’s biggest group buying service providers, today announced an ambitious strategy to support autonomous delivery vehicles: “The company is going to use self-driving technologies to build the world’s largest interactive platform for intelligent delivery, and to speed up the development of unmanned delivery technology.”

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AI Biweekly: 10 Bits from July W2 – W3

Facebook is working with a select group of advertisers to create augmented reality ads for its News Feed. When users activate an ad’s tap-to-try AR capability it can display for example how a pair of glasses would look on their face via the user’s webcam and screen. Facebook says it also intends to expand shopping support in Instagram Stories.


Signing With Alexa: A DIY Experiment in AI Accessibility

Last week, Singh posted a YouTube video, Making Amazon Alexa respond to Sign Language using AI, in which he smoothly communicates with Alexa using sign language. Alexa, which is installed in a laptop with a built-in camera, interprets Singh’s signed queries in real-time, converting them into text and delivering appropriate responses.