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New SlamTech A3 LiDAR: Smaller Size, Bigger View

Founded in 2009, SlamTech is a Shanghai-based laser sensor manufacturer whose main products include the low-cost 360-degree laser scanning ranging radar RPLiDAR, the laser-based modular autonomous positioning navigation solution SLAMWARE, and the ZEUS robot service platform for business.

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Can AI Reinvent the TV?

Leading television manufacturer Skyworth has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese internet giant Baidu. In the deal announced March 17, Baidu will invest CN¥1.01 billion (US$159.7 million) in Skyworth’s Smart TV unit Coocaa; while its AI assistant system DuerOS will be integrated into Skyworth’s agenda-setting Super AI TV.


The Past, Present & Future of Biotech in Boston

If you are familiar with the biotech industry, you know Cambridge. The small city at the center of the Great Boston Area hosts over 1,000 biotechnology-related companies. Most of these companies cluster around Kendall Square, the same block as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Pigs, Cows & Cockroaches on the AI Animal Farm

Farming is becoming a data-centric business powered by artificial intelligence. China’s big tech firms are using neural network-backed computer vision, wearable devices, and predictive analytics algorithms to reimagine pig, chicken, cow, goose, and cockroach farming.