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Technical review of the newest machine intelligence research.

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Nanjing University Team Introduces Multi-layered Gradient Boosting Decision Trees (mGBDTs)

GcForest, a decision tree ensemble approach that is much easier to train than deep neural networks, has received a lot of attention from researchers since it was introduced by Prof. Zhihua Zhou and his student Ji Feng last year. Based on their previous work, Zhou, Feng and Nanjing University colleague Yang Yu have now proposed Multi-layered Gradient Boosting Decision Trees (mGBDTs).


Neural System Combination for Machine Translation

To combine the advantages of these two methods, the authors of this paper first adapts the multi-source NMT model, by employing different encoders to capture the semantics of the source language, then the decoder is used to generate the final output by the multiple context vector representations coming from the encoder.

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Hinton Proposes CapsNet

Today, the “Godfather of Deep Learning” Dr. Geoffrey Hinton published the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules on Arxiv. This is being hailed as a revolutionary work that could totally revamp computer vision research.