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Alibaba’s Cainiao Flexes its Logistics Muscles at GSLS 2018

Cainiao, the logistics arm of leading Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba Group, hosted the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit (GSLS) in Hangzhou on May 31st. Speaking at the event, Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma called for tens of billions of US dollars in investment to build a national internet-based intelligent logistics backbone in China.


Microsoft Industrial IoT: Five Use Cases

We tend to notice the AI that’s in our smartphones, powering our home assistants or piloting self-driving cars. But there is another tech revolution going on — out of sight for most of us — wherein AI and robotics are reinventing entire factories and industrial processes.


Law Schools Are Catching Up With AI Legaltech

Chinese tech conglomerate Alibaba announced in April that it would launch Alibaba Law School, integrating big data teaching methods with legal education. As we await updates, law programs around the world have already begun re-designing their curriculums to better fit the age of big data and AI.


Pittsburgh Mayor vs Uber: Can Stricter Safety Regulations End the Impasse?

David Danks commented on self-driving vehicle testing on the streets of his Pittsburgh neighbourhood: “They’re boring. You don’t notice them anymore because you see them five to ten times every day. People started to walk more and more frequently directly in front of the Uber cars, disproportionately more than they would ever in front of a human-driven car.”

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GDPR Explanation vs AI Performance?

European netizens spent yesterday clicking through privacy policy updates for their various subscribed platforms and services. That’s because the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — billed as the world’s toughest data use policy — came into effect today.