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AI Biweekly News Roundup

Myntra Applies AI to Clothing Design; San Jose Negotiates With Partners to Deploy Autonomous Vehicle Transit; Can Google Street View Images See the Future?; Ctrip and Baidu Launch AI Pocket Chinese-English Translator; Canada To Use AI to Track Suicide Trends on Social Media 

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Woobo Makes AI Cuddly

Although most adults are now accustomed to smart devices, children aged 4–9 have thus far had less cause to communicate with virtual assistants or operate other AI-powered products. A Boston-based company is changing that with its new intelligent plush toy.

AI Event Industry

Hosting Robot Brains on the Cloud

The anticipated 2020 deployment of 5G networks will effect a tenfold speed increase compared to 4G LTE, creating an environment favourable for the mass integration of various robots into an AI-powered cloud. Beijing-based CloudMinds wants to create such a cloud.


Neural System Combination for Machine Translation

To combine the advantages of these two methods, the authors of this paper first adapts the multi-source NMT model, by employing different encoders to capture the semantics of the source language, then the decoder is used to generate the final output by the multiple context vector representations coming from the encoder.

AI China

Shanghai’s Subway Smartens Up With AI

On December 5th Alibaba, Ant Financial, and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group jointly launched a new voice interaction system for purchasing subway tickets. Riders can now tell a machine their destination — for example, Zhongshan Park — and the system will use the AutoNavi cloud map to issue a ticket for the nearest station.