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Amazon’s Sockeye 3: Neural Machine Translation With PyTorch That Is 126% Faster on GPUs

Amazon has introduced the latest version of their Sockeye toolkit for the efficient training of stronger and faster neural machine translation (NMT) models. Sockeye 3 achieves speeds up to 126 percent faster than other PyTorch implementations on GPUs and up to 292 percent faster on CPUs.

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Melbourne U, Facebook & Twitter Expose Novel Numerical Errors in NMT Systems

A research team from the University of Melbourne, Facebook AI, and Twitter Cortex proposes a black-box test method for assessing and debugging the numerical translation of neural machine translation systems in a systematic manner. The approach reveals novel types of errors that are general across multiple state-of-the-art translation systems.

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ACL 2021 Best Paper: Finding the Optimal Vocabulary for Machine Translation via an Optimal Transport Approach

A research team from ByteDance AI Lab, University of Wisconsin–Madison and Nanjing University wins the ACL 2021 best paper award. Their proposed Vocabulary Learning via Optimal Transport (VOLT) approach leverages optimal transport to automatically find an optimal vocabulary without trial training.