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IBM’s Type Prediction Systems Eliminate Need for Manual Annotations on Knowledge Graphs

A research team from IBM introduces two systems for predicting information type: The TypeSuggest module, an unsupervised system designed to generate types for a set of seed query terms input by the user; and an Answer Type prediction module for predicting the correct answer type for user-provided questions.

AI Machine Learning & Data Science Research

Improving ML Fairness: IBM, UMich & ShanghaiTech Papers Focus on Statistical Inference and Gradient-Boosting

A team from University of Michigan, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and ShanghaiTech University publishes two papers on individual fairness for ML models, introducing a scale-free and interpretable statistically principled approach for assessing individual fairness and a method for enforcing individual fairness in gradient boosting suitable for non-smooth ML models.

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IBM AI Debater Vs Human Champ

Debating is a hallmark of human civilization, and few do it better than World Debating Championship Finalist Harish Natarajan. Last night at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Natarajan stepped up against an AI-empowered debating machine from IBM.