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GitHub Publishes Productivity Assessment of Neural Code Completion Systems

In the new paper Productivity Assessment of Neural Code Completion, a GitHub research team explores whether usage measurements of developer interactions with GitHub Copilot can predict productivity as reported by developers.

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BigGAN Trained With Only 4 GPUs!

Andrew Brock, first author of the high-profile research paper Large Scale GAN Training for High Fidelity Natural Image Synthesis (aka “BigGAN”), has posted a GitHub repository of an unofficial PyTorch BigGAN implementation that requires only 4-8 GPUs to train the model.

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Papers With Code Adds State-of-the-Art Features

Papers With Code is a unique and useful resource that presents trending ML research along with the code to implement it. The site was created by Atlas ML CEO Robert Stojnic, aka “rstoj” on Reddit’s machine learning board. The latest version of Papers With Code has added 950+ unique machine learning tasks, 500+ State-of-the-Art result leaderboards and 8500+ papers with code.