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UC Berkeley Reward-Free RL Beats SOTA Reward-Based RL

Augmented Temporal Contrast (ATC), a new unsupervised learning (UL) task for learning visual representations agnostic to rewards and without degrading the control policy.

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After Mastering Go and StarCraft, DeepMind Takes on Soccer

Having notched impressive victories over human professionals in Go, Atari Games, and most recently StarCraft 2 — Google’s DeepMind team has now turned its formidable research efforts to soccer. In a paper released last week, the UK AI company demonstrates a novel machine learning method that trains a team of AI agents to play a simulated version of “the beautiful game.”

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Yann LeCun Cake Analogy 2.0

Facebook AI Chief Yann LeCun introduced his now-famous “cake analogy” at NIPS 2016: “If intelligence is a cake, the bulk of the cake is unsupervised learning, the icing on the cake is supervised learning, and the cherry on the cake is reinforcement learning (RL).”


You Can’t Keep an RL-Powered ANYmal Down

ANYmal does not have an easy life. One of the four-legged robot’s main tasks is to learn how to stand up again — no matter how many times it is kicked, pushed or otherwise tumbles to the ground. A research team from Switzerland’s ETH Zurich University trained ANYmal using reinforcement learning (RL) and published their work last Wednesday.

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BAIR Open-Sources Popular DeepMimic Project

The DeepMimic paper’s first author, Berkeley PhD student Xue Bin Peng, has now open-sourced the project’s codes, data, and frameworks. Moreover, Peng’s new research demonstrates that DeepMimic’s simulated characters can also learn to perform highly dynamic movements by using regular video clips of human examples as input data.