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Open AI Agents Play Hide-and-Seek; Google Invests $3.3B in Clean Data Centers; Cambridge Appoints First DeepMind Professor of ML

Synced Global AI Weekly September 22nd

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Why Playing Hide-and-Seek Could Lead AI to Humanlike Intelligence
A new paper from San Francisco-based OpenAI proposes that training models in the children’s game of hide-and-seek and pitting them against each other in tens of millions of contests results in the models automatically developing humanlike behaviors that increase their intelligence and improve subsequent performance.
(Synced) / (Open AI)

Google Is Investing $3.3B to Build Clean Data Centers in Europe
Google announced today that it was investing 3 billion euro (approximately $3.3 billion USD) to expand its data center presence in Europe. What’s more, the company pledged the data centers would be environmentally friendly.

Cambridge Appoints First DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning
Following an international search, Professor Neil Lawrence has been appointed as the inaugural DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at Cambridge, supported by a benefaction from the world-leading British AI company.
(University of Cambridge)


Cosmological Constraints with Deep Learning from KiDS-450 Weak Lensing Maps
Researchers present the cosmological results with a CNN from the KiDS-450 tomographic weak lensing dataset, constraining the total matter density Ωm, the fluctuation amplitude σ8, and the intrinsic alignment amplitude AIA.
(ETH Zurich)

Unsupervised Object Discovery via Capsule Decoders
Researchers describe an unsupervised version of capsule networks, in which a neural encoder, which looks at all of the parts, is used to infer the presence and poses of object capsules. The encoder is trained by backpropagating through a decoder, which predicts the pose of each already discovered part using a mixture of pose predictions.

Is Deep Reinforcement Learning Really Superhuman on Atari?
Researchers introduce SABER, a Standardized Atari BEnchmark for general Reinforcement learning algorithms. They use it to achieve a new state of the art in around 60 games from Pong to Montezuma’s Revenge.
(MINES ParisTech & Valeo)

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Quantum Chemistry Breakthrough: DeepMind Uses Neural Networks to Tackle Schrödinger Equation
DeepMind researchers have brought QMC to a higher level with the Fermionic Neural Network — or Fermi Net — a neural network with more flexibility and higher accuracy. Fermi Net takes the electron information of the molecules or chemical systems as inputs and outputs their estimated wave functions.

New AI Face Anonymization Model Protects Privacy
A team of researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology recently proposed a new architecture that can anonymize faces in images automatically while the original data distribution remains uninterrupted.

Global AI Events

September 22: SYNC 2019 Silicon Valley: Tech For Good in Mountain View, United States

September 10-12: The AI Summit (Part of TechXLR8) in Singapore

September 24-28: Microsoft Ignitein Orlando, United States

October 23-25: NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in Munich, Germany

October 27-November 3: International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) in Seoul, South Korea

Global AI Opportunities

DeepMind Internship Program NVIDIA Graduate Fellowships
DeepMind Scholarship: Access to Science
LANDING AI is recruiting
Stanford HAI is Recruiting
OpenAI Seeking Software Engineers and Deep Learning Researchers
DeepMind is Recruiting

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