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ContinualAI Releases Avalanche: An End-to-End Library for Continual Learning

A research and development team from ContinualAI, including a large group of researchers from KU Leuven, ByteDance AI Lab, University of California, New York University and other institutions, proposes Avalanche, an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning based on PyTorch.

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Improving ML Fairness: IBM, UMich & ShanghaiTech Papers Focus on Statistical Inference and Gradient-Boosting

A team from University of Michigan, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and ShanghaiTech University publishes two papers on individual fairness for ML models, introducing a scale-free and interpretable statistically principled approach for assessing individual fairness and a method for enforcing individual fairness in gradient boosting suitable for non-smooth ML models.

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Microsoft & Princeton’s Surprising Discovery: Text-Game Agents Achieve High Scores in Complete Absence of Semantics

A research team from Princeton University and Microsoft Research discover autonomous language-understanding agents are capable of achieving high scores even in the complete absence of language semantics, indicating that current RL agents for text-based games might not be sufficiently leveraging the semantic structure of game texts.