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Tencent Robot X’s Jamoca Takes on Kung Fu Master Challenge to Walk on Quincunical Piles

Tencent Robotics X Lab announced new developments in mobile robot research – the four-legged mobile robot Jamoca.

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BatchNorm + Dropout = DNN Success!

A group of researchers from Tencent Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Nankai University recently combined two commonly used techniques — Batch Normalization (BatchNorm) and Dropout — into an Independent Component (IC) layer inserted before each weight layer to make inputs more independent*.

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Tencent AI Lab Director Leaves

It did not take long to see the first major AI talent reshuffling of 2019. Multiple sources are now confirming that reputed AI researcher Dr. Tong Zhang left his position as Executive Director of Tencent AI Lab effective December 31. Rumours suggest Zhang might return to teaching.

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Tencent AI Tops Human Players in “Arena of Valor”

In the latest of a string of bot versus human video game showdowns, Tencent AI Lab’s Strategical Collaborative AI “Juewu” has beat the world’s top human player in the mobile Real Time Strategy (RTS) game “Arena of Valor.” Tencent published the results in the paper Hierarchical Macro Strategy Model for MOBA Game AI.

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Tencent Academic and Industrial Conference 2018 in Stockholm [Tencent X Synced]

The Tencent Academic and Industrial Conference (TAIC) will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on July 14th, gathering top AI researchers and young professionals from around the world. Synced is organizing the conference, where Tencent’s seven core business groups and invited academics and industry professionals will share insights on the current state of AI technologies.