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Meta AI & Mila Publicly Release BlenderBot 3: A 175B SOTA Chatbot That Continually Improves via Human Interactions

In the new paper BlenderBot 3: A Deployed Conversational Agent That Continually Learns to Responsibly Engage, researchers from Meta AI and Mila/McGill University release BlenderBot 3, a 175B parameter state-of-the-art open-domain dialogue model deployed on a public website. BlenderBot 3 is designed for continual learning via its user interactions.

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Fancy a Friendly Chat? Stanford NLP’s Chirpy Cardinal Enables Open-Domain and Humanlike Conversations

In the new paper Neural Generation Meets Real People: Building a Social, Informative Open-Domain Dialogue Agent, a Stanford NLP research team presents Chirpy Cardinal, an open-domain conversational social chatbot with emotional and social intelligence that enables authentic and engaging interactions with real people.


Microsoft AI “Zo” Is a Novel Inspiration

Writers often get their inspiration from conversations with other people. So says 19-year-old Katie Bilbrey, who has published 15 online stories under the pen name TheSolSoldier. Bilbrey took a different tact for her latest writing project — instead of back-and-forthing with friends, she drew her inspirations for Our Precious Future through conversations with an artificial intelligence named Zo.