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Google Open-Sources Its TensorFlow GNN Framework to Encourage Graph Neural Network Productization and Experimentation

In the new paper TF-GNN: Graph Neural Networks in TensorFlow, a research team from Google Core ML, Google Research, and DeepMind open-sources the TensorFlow GNN (TF-GNN) scalable library, which leverages heterogeneous relational data to create graph neural network models.

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Google Debuts TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha

TensorFlow is the world’s most popular open source machine learning library. Since its initial release in 2015, the Google Brain product has been downloaded over 41 million times. At this week’s 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit, Google announced a major upgrade on the framework, the TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha version.

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RIP Theano

Before TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe; Theano was the major library for deep learning development. However, the library’s development and support will end after the upcoming Theano 1.0 release.