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Google’s Universal Speech Model Scales Automatic Speech Recognition to 100+ Languages

In the new paper Google USM: Scaling Automatic Speech Recognition Beyond 100 Languages, Google introduces the Universal Speech Model (USM), a scalable self-supervised training framework that extends automatic speech recognition to more than 100 languages.

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Stanford U’s Brain-Computer Interface Enables Stroke and ALS Patients to ‘Speak’ 62 Words per Minute

A Stanford University research team presents a brain-computer interface for translating speech-related neural activity into text (speech BCI) in the new paper A High-performance Speech Neuroprosthesis. Theirs is the first speech BCI to record impulse activity from intracortical microelectrode arrays and could benefit people unable to produce clear utterances due to diseases such as stroke and ALS.

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Wav2Vec 2.0 Learns Brain-Like Representations From Just 600 Hours of Unlabeled Speech Data in New Study

In the new paper Toward a Realistic Model of Speech Processing in the Brain with Self-supervised Learning, researchers show that self-supervised architectures such as Wav2Vec 2.0 can learn brain-like representations from as little as 600 hours of unlabelled speech; and can also learn sound-generic and speech- and language-specific representations similar to those of the prefrontal and temporal cortices.