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Google & Waterloo U Scales Generative Retrieval to Handle 8.8M Passages

In a new paper How Does Generative Retrieval Scale to Millions of Passages? a research team from Google Research and University of Waterloo performs the first empirical study of generative retrieval across various corpus scales, even scaling up to the entire MS MARCO passage ranking task that contains 8.8M passages, aiming to provide insights on scaling generative retrieval to millions of passages.

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Fact Tracing in LMs: MIT & Google Dataset and Benchmark Track Learned Knowledge Back to the Training Data

In the new paper Tracing Knowledge in Language Models Back to the Training Data, a team from MIT CSAIL and Google Research proposes a benchmark for tracing language models’ assertions to the associated training data, aiming to establish a principled ground truth and mitigate high compute demands for large neural language model training.