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Better Than Capsules? Geoffrey Hinton’s GLOM Idea Represents Part-Whole Hierarchies in Neural Networks

A research team lead by Geoffrey Hinton has created an imaginary vision system called GLOM that enables neural networks with fixed architecture to parse an image into a part-whole hierarchy with different structures for each image.

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Jeff Dean’s 1990 Senior Thesis Is Better Than Yours

Google AI lead Jeff Dean recently posted a link to his 1990 senior thesis on Twitter, which set off a wave of nostalgia for the early days of machine learning in the AI community. Parallel Implementation of Neural Network Training: Two Back-Propagation Approaches may be almost 30 years old and only eight pages long, but the paper does a remarkable job of explaining the methods behind neural network training and the modern development of artificial intelligence.

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Hinton Proposes CapsNet

Today, the “Godfather of Deep Learning” Dr. Geoffrey Hinton published the paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules on Arxiv. This is being hailed as a revolutionary work that could totally revamp computer vision research.