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2020 in Review: 10 AI Podcasts You Need to Know

Synced has selected 10 AI-related podcasts for readers to check out over the holiday season.

The term “podcast” first appeared in the ‘00s, coined by a British journalist as a portmanteau of “iPod” and “broadcast.” Podcasts have since evolved into a popular entertainment and information source, and with 2020 emptying offices and curtailing nights out at the club or cinema, podcasts have become more attractive than ever.

Podcast solution provider Voxnest reports a 42 percent increase in year-on global podcast listens as of this April, with the figure likely much higher now. The report notes the rise is even more pronounced (53 percent) in European markets, where podcasts are just starting to take off. In a year plagued by shutdowns, “being home has actually opened up a new opportunity to discover this format.”

Synced has selected 10 AI-related podcasts for readers to check out over the holiday season.

The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)


Launched as This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in 2016 by host Sam Charrington, the TWIML AI Podcast focuses on the business and consumer application of machine learning and AI, bringing AI-powered products to market, and AI-enabled and -enabling technology platforms. Many AI luminaries have shared their wisdom with listeners on the channel. Recent guests include the Founder of Jeremy Howard, Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley Dawn Song, Distinguished Professor in the Departments of EECS and Statistics at UC Berkeley Michael I. Jordan, and Head of AI Research at JPMorgan Chase Manuela Veloso. With over seven million downloads, the TWIML AI Podcast has quickly grown into a leading voice in the field.

Women in AI


Hosted by RE•WORK, Women in AI is a biweekly podcast that presents conversations with leading female figures in AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Episodes have featured CEOs, CTOs, data scientists, engineers, researchers and industry professionals such as Google Brain Researcher Sara Hooker, Mila Research Scientist Alexia Jolicoieur-Martineau and DeepMind Research Lead Doina Precup.

Let’s Talk AI


The Let’s Talk AI mission is straightforward: “letting you know what’s actually on going with AI and what is just clickbait headlines.” The podcast features AI news and discussions with researchers on the latest AI trends and hot community news. Stanford University PhD Student Andrey Kurenkov and Carnegie Mellon University PhD Student Jacky Liang rolled out Let’s Talk AI this March. The pair are also the bright minds behind AI news site Skynet Today,

Talking Machines


Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning,” say Neil Lawrence and Katherine Gorman, who aim to open that window wider by presenting experts in the field and discussions on new and innovative ideas. Lawrence is the DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge, and Talking Machines founder Gorman is a former public radio producer.

The Radical AI Podcast


The Radical AI Podcast encourages progressive conversations and radical ideas regarding advanced technologies’ role in our rapidly changing world. Created by Dylan Doyle-Burke, a PhD student at the University of Denver, and Jessie Smith, a PhD student at The University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), the podcast sets out to explore AI ethics in a manner that is “fundamentally representative of diversity of stories, voices, and ideas that are accessible, bold, and transformative for all individuals and communities that use, design, and engage with AI technology.”

Voices in AI


In each episode, Voices in AI host Byron Reese conducts an hour-long, in-depth interview with a prominent AI author, researcher, engineer, scientist or philosopher. There are discussions on the economic, social, ethical and philosophical implications of AI. Topics are covered from a wide variety of perspectives — with even the “dark dystopian despair” viewpoint of AI explored. Reese is CEO of media company GigaOM,

AI in Business


“When it comes to AI in business, we ask: what’s possible? What’s working?” The AI in Business podcast content is aimed at enterprises that have deployed or are planning to deploy AI systems. Each week, host Daniel Faggella interviews leading AI and machine learning executives, investors, and researchers from globally renowned organizations. The focus is on identifying trends and providing facts that matter to help business leaders navigate through the hype and skepticism around AI.

NLP Highlights


NLP Highlights was created by the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) to showcase recent research related to natural language processing and to present interviews and discussions with authors and researchers on new papers. The hosts are AI2 Research Scientists Matt Gardner and Pradeep Dasigi, and Senior Google Research Scientist Waleed Ammar.

The AI Podcast NVIDIA


Long-time journalist Noah Kravitz hosts The AI Podcast, where he dives into deep conversations with leading experts in AI, deep learning and machine learning to demystify artificial intelligence. This podcast is a NVIDIA production, and while that association is reflected in many episodes, the presented scientific content, stories and collaborations are of high quality and go beyond promotion of the brand.

AI for Entrepreneurs


AI for Entrepreneurs is produced by OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision), the non-profit organization behind the popular worldwide library of computer vision programming functions. The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs working with AI, to provide those thinking of launching an AI startup with the understanding required to get their project “up and running.”

All the podcasts on this list offer their episodes online for free. Interested readers can listen on their home computers or download dedicated podcast apps on their smartphones to enable additional user interface options and offline listening convenience.

Reporter: Fangyu Cai | Editor: Michael Sarazen


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