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Look Again, YOLO: Baidu’s RT-DETR Detection Transformer Achieves SOTA Results on Real-Time Object Detection

In the new paper DETRs Beat YOLOs on Real-Time Object Detection, a Baidu Inc. research team presents Real-Time Detection Transformer (RT-DETR), a real-time end-to-end object detector that leverages a hybrid encoder and novel IoU-aware query selection to address inference speed delay issues. RT-DETR outperforms YOLO object detectors in both accuracy and speed.

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Academia Sinica’s YOLOv7 Outperforms All Object Detectors, Reduces Costs by 50%

In the new paper YOLOv7: Trainable Bag-Of-Freebies Sets New State-Of-The-Art for Real-Time Object Detectors, an Academia Sinica research team releases YOLOv7. This latest YOLO version introduces novel “extend” and “compound scaling” methods that effectively utilize parameters and computation; and surpasses all known real-time object detectors in speed and accuracy.