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Amazon’s Sockeye 3: Neural Machine Translation With PyTorch That Is 126% Faster on GPUs

Amazon has introduced the latest version of their Sockeye toolkit for the efficient training of stronger and faster neural machine translation (NMT) models. Sockeye 3 achieves speeds up to 126 percent faster than other PyTorch implementations on GPUs and up to 292 percent faster on CPUs.


Caffe2 Merges With PyTorch

Facebook operates two flagship open source machine learning frameworks — Caffe2 and PyTorch. Their incompatibility, however, made it difficult to transform a PyTorch-defined model into Caffe2 or vice versa. Facebook is doing something about that.

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RIP Theano

Before TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe; Theano was the major library for deep learning development. However, the library’s development and support will end after the upcoming Theano 1.0 release.