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CMU & Tsinghua U’s Prompt2Model Generates Deployable Models Following Natural Language Instructions

In a new paper Prompt2Model: Generating Deployable Models from Natural Language Instructions, a research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Tsinghua University introduces Prompt2Model, a general-purpose approach that is able to use prompting technique to specify system behavior while resulting in a deployable special purpose model that enjoys all the advantages thereof.

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OpenAI’s Point·E: Generating 3D Point Clouds From Complex Prompts in Minutes on a Single GPU

In the new paper Point-E: A System for Generating 3D Point Clouds from Complex Prompts, An OpenAI research team presents Point·E, a system for text-conditional synthesis of 3D point clouds that leverages diffusion models to generate diverse and complex 3D shapes conditioned on complex text prompts in minutes on a single GPU.