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CMU & Google Extend Pretrained Models to Thousands of Underrepresented Languages Without Using Monolingual Data

A research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Google systematically explores strategies for leveraging the relatively under-studied resource of bilingual lexicons to adapt pretrained multilingual models to low-resource languages. Their resulting Lexicon-based Adaptation approach produces consistent performance improvements without requiring additional monolingual text.

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Apple Neural TTS System Study: Combining Speakers of Multiple Languages to Improve Synthetic Voice Quality

An Apple research team explores multiple architectures and training procedures to develop a novel multi-speaker and multi-lingual neural TTS system. The study combines speech from 30 speakers from 15 locales in 8 languages, and demonstrates that for the vast majority of voices, such multi-lingual and multi-speaker models can yield better quality than single speaker models.

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Google Researchers Merge Pretrained Teacher LMs Into a Single Multilingual Student LM Via Knowledge Distillation

A Google Research team proposes MergeDistill, a framework for merging pretrained teacher LMs from multiple monolingual/multilingual LMs into a single multilingual task-agnostic student LM to leverage the capabilities of the powerful language-specific LMs while still being multilingual and enabling positive language transfer.