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DeepMind’s Bootstrapped Meta-Learning Enables Meta Learners to Teach Themselves

A research team from DeepMind proposes a bootstrapped meta-learning algorithm that overcomes the meta-optimization problem and myopic meta objectives, and enables the meta-learner to teach itself.

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Yoshua Bengio Team’s Recurrent Independent Mechanisms Endow RL Agents With Out-of-Distribution Adaptation and Generalization Abilities

A research team from the University of Montreal and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems constructs a reinforcement learning agent whose knowledge and reward function can be reused across tasks, along with an attention mechanism that dynamically selects unchangeable knowledge pieces to enable out-of-distribution adaptation and generalization.

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Samsung AI Makes the Mona Lisa ‘Speak’

Imagine the lips forming the Mona Lisa’s famous smile were to part, and she began “speaking” to you. This is not some sci-fi fantasy or a 3D face animation, it’s an effect achieved by researchers from Samsung AI lab and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, who used adversarial learning to generate a photorealistic talking head model.