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StyleNeRF: A 3D-Aware Generator for High-Resolution Image Synthesis with Explicit Style Control

In a paper currently under double-blind review for ICLR 2022, researchers propose StyleNeRF, a 3D-aware generative model that can synthesize high-resolution images at interactive rates while preserving high-quality 3D consistency, and can even generalize to unseen views with control on styles and poses.

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DeepFake Nudie App Goes Viral, Then Shuts Down

Just two days after a story on Motherboard went viral, developers of the “DeepNude” AI-powered software that enables users to virtually disrobe images of women have announced they are shutting down the website and the free and premium versions of the app they launched in March.

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BigGAN: A New State of the Art in Image Synthesis

“Best GAN samples ever yet? Very impressive ICLR submission! BigGAN improves Inception Scores by >100.” The above Tweet is from renowned Google DeepMind research scientist Oriol Vinyals. It was retweeted last week by Google Brain researcher and “Father of Generative Adversarial Networks” Ian Goodfellow, and picked up momentum and praise from AI researchers on social media.