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UCSD & Microsoft Improve Image Recognition With Extremely Low FLOPs

A research team from University of California San Diego and Microsoft proposes Micro-Factorized Convolution (MF-Conv), a novel approach that can deal with extremely low computational costs (4M–21M FLOPs) and achieves significant performance gains over state of the art models in the low FLOP regime.

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AI In Wildlife Conservation

Image recognition technology in particular has come to play a valuable role in wildlife conservation, where endangered species are tallied and tracked so their numbers and migrations can be more accurately measured and understood.

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White Hats Vs CAPTCHAs

Text-based CAPTCHA remain one of the most visible and commonly used mechanisms for website security. As a sort of online gatekeeper that distinguishes between humans and bots, the little solvable image fields have critical commercial applications in blocking automatic spam and preventing e-transfer fraud; and can also stop bots from spreading fraudulent information, etc.


A Brief Review of FlowNet

Recently, CNNs have been successfully used in estimating optical flow. Compared with traditional methods, these methods achieved a large improvement in quality. Here, we will give a brief review on the following papers.