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Meet TaskMatrix.AI: A Microsoft ‘Super-AI’ That Links Foundation Models With Millions of APIs to Perform Diverse Tasks

In the new paper TaskMatrix.AI: Completing Tasks by Connecting Foundation Models with Millions of APIs, a Microsoft research team proposes TaskMatrix.AI, a novel ecosystem that connects foundation models with millions of existing models and system APIs to build a “super-AI” capable of addressing a wide range of digital and physical tasks.

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Microsoft & UCLA Introduce ClimaX: A Foundation Model for Climate and Weather Modelling

In the new paper ClimaX: A Foundation Model for Weather and Climate, a team from Microsoft Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research, Microsoft Research AI4Science and the University of California at Los Angeles presents ClimaX, a foundation model for weather and climate that can be efficiently adapted for general-purpose tasks related to the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Microsoft’s BEiT-3 Foundation Model: A ‘Big Convergence of Language, Vision, and Multimodal Pretraining’ That Achieves SOTA Results on Popular Benchmarks

In the new paper Image as a Foreign Language: BEiT Pretraining for All Vision and Vision-Language Tasks, a Microsoft research team presents BEiT-3, a general-purpose state-of-the-art multimodal foundation model for both vision and vision-language tasks that advances the big convergence of backbone architectures, pretraining tasks, and model scaling.

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SYSU and UBTECH Propose Big Learning for Justifying, Analyzing, and Improving Foundation Models

A research team from Sun Yat-sen University and UBTECH proposes a unified approach for justifying, analyzing, and improving foundation models in the new paper Big Learning: A Universal Machine Learning Paradigm? The team’s big learning framework can model many-to-all joint/conditional/marginal data distributions and delivers extraordinary data and task flexibilities.

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Microsoft’s ‘Florence’ General-Purpose Foundation Model Achieves SOTA Results on Dozens of CV Benchmarks

In the paper A New Foundation Model for Computer Vision, a Microsoft research team proposes Florence, a novel foundation model for computer vision that significantly outperforms previous large-scale pretraining approaches and achieves new SOTA results across a wide range of visual and visual-linguistic benchmarks.