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DeepMind Trains AI Agents Capable of Robust Real-time Cultural Transmission Without Human Data

In the new paper Learning Robust Real-Time Cultural Transmission Without Human Data, a DeepMind research team proposes a procedure for training artificially intelligent agents capable of flexible, high-recall, robust real-time cultural transmission from human co-players in a rich 3D physical simulation without using human data in the training pipeline.

AI Machine Learning & Data Science Research

NVIDIA’s Isaac Gym: End-to-End GPU Accelerated Physics Simulation Expedites Robot Learning by 2-3 Orders of Magnitude

A Nvidia research team presents Isaac Gym — a high-performance robotics simulation platform that runs an end-to-end GPU accelerated training pipeline. Compared to conventional RL training methods that use a CPU-based simulator and GPU for neural networks, Isaac Gym achieves training speedups of 2-3 orders of magnitude on continuous control tasks.