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Apple Repurposes Large Language Models for Reinforcement Learning challenges in Embodied AI

An Apple research team presents Large LAnguage model Reinforcement Learning Policy (LLaRP). LLaRP effectively repurposes LLMs for Reinforcement Learning (RL) challenges within the realm of Embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI), achieving a remarkable 1.7 times higher success rate compared to other established baselines and zero-shot LLM applications.

AI Machine Learning & Data Science Research

DeepMind Builds A Precise Mathematical Foundation of Continual Reinforcement Learning

In a new paper A Definition of Continual Reinforcement LearningA Definition of Continual Reinforcement Learning, a DeepMind research team rethinks RL problems as endless adaptation and provides a clean, general, precise mathematical definition of continual reinforcement learning (CRL), aiming to promote researches on CRL from a solid conceptual foundation.