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DeepMind Verifies ConvNets Can Match Vision Transformers at Scale

In a new paper ConvNets Match Vision Transformers at Scale, a Google DeepMind research team challenges the prevailing belief that Vision Transformers possess superior scaling capabilities compared to ConvNets and provides empirical results revealing that ConvNets can indeed hold their own against Vision Transformers at scale.

AI Machine Learning & Data Science Research

BERT-Style Pretraining on Convnets? Peking U, ByteDance & Oxford U’s Sparse Masked Modelling With Hierarchy Leads the Way

In the new paper Designing BERT for Convolutional Networks: Sparse and Hierarchical Masked Modeling, a research team from Peking University, ByteDance, and the University of Oxford presents Sparse Masked Modelling with Hierarchy (SparK), the first BERT-style pretraining approach that can be used on convolutional models without any backbone modifications.