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Google & DeepMind Move Steps Toward Generalist Biomedical AI System

In a new paper Towards Generalist Biomedical AI, a research team from Google Research and Google DeepMind presents Med-PaLM Multimodal (Med-PaLM M), a large multimodal generative model that can process multi-modal biomedical data including clinical language, imaging, and genomics using a single set of model weights without any task-specific modification.

AI Machine Learning & Data Science Research

Microsoft’s LLaVA-Med Trains a Large Language-and-Vision Assistant for Biomedicine Within 15 Hours

In a new paper LLaVA-Med: Training a Large Language-and-Vision Assistant, a Microsoft research team proposes a Large Language and Vision Assistant for BioMedicine (LLaVA-Med), which can be trained in less than 15 hours and demonstrates strong multimodal conversational capability, aiding inquiries about biomedical image.