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StarCraft II Players Get the Chance to Play Against DeepMind’s AlphaStar!

Blizzard Entertainment, the American video game developer and publisher behind the StarCraft series, announced that AlphaStar will join the competitive ladder in Europe on the online gaming platform Battle.net, where it will play a limited number of games against human players.

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GG! DeepMind Struts Its StarCraft Strength; Humans Strike Back

DeepMind bot AlphaStar has scored a convincing 10/10 victory against pro human players in a special series of StarCraft II matches. Plucky 26 year-old Polish gamer Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz however salvaged a bit of human pride, snatching a surprise win yesterday in a live rematch at the DeepMind and Blizzard Entertainment Starcraft II Demonstration live stream event hosted in London.