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‘AI in Action’ | Toronto Hosts AI Squared Forum 2019

On September 22 about 300 artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning enthusiasts gathered at the University of Toronto Bahen Centre for Information Technology for the AI Squared Forum 2019.

On September 22 about 300 artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning enthusiasts gathered at the University of Toronto Bahen Centre for Information Technology for the AI Squared Forum 2019.

Under the theme of “AI in Action,” the second annual AI Squared Forum focused on innovative AI research and practical industrial applications in the following categories:

  • How startups and incumbents have faced/solved different AI challenges
  • The latest AI research trends that might be commercialized
  • How AI talents and enterprises can work seamlessly together

Speakers and participants from the University of Toronto, Google Brain, University of Waterloo, NVIDIA and other universities and companies shared their current research and insights on the latest trends in AI and current industrial AI applications in keynote and theme speeches, workshops, panels, SOTA paper discussions and Q&As, and exhibits.

A number of students who are dividing their time between studies and positions at companies such as NVIDIA and Google discussed the tricky task of balancing academics and work. There were also displays from Uber, Borealis AI, NextAI and other companies and associations in a face-to-face communication space outside the main conference room.

The 2019 AI Squared Forum was organized by the Association of Chinese IT Professionals, University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team (UTMIST), University of Toronto Chinese Students and Scholars Association (UTCSSA), Tsinghua Alumni Association of Southern Ontario, and Synced. The Forum was co-hosted by the Canada China Data Technology Council (CCDTC) and supported by Bairong and Millennium One Solutions.

The AI Squared Forum 2019 schedule and speakers’ information is available here. Stay with Synced for information and updates on the AI Squared Forum 2020 in Toronto.

About Synced 机器之心

Synced 机器之心 is an integrated machine intelligence industry platform, branching out in media, incubator, investment, and data platform services. Dedicated to high-quality professional content focusing on artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and related technologies, Synced is the industry’s most influential media in China, and a major trusted information source for the international machine intelligence community. The Synced team strives to initiate discussion on human-technology relationships, inspire imagination and creativity, and encourage readers to reflect upon the future of human-machine interactions.

AI Squared Forum 2019 Exhibitors

DarwinAI is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence startup based in Waterloo, Canada. The company’s Generative Synthesis technology uses AI to observe a neural network then generates new and highly optimized versions of said network.

Si-Han Tech Inc. (思瀚科技)
Toronto-based Si-Han Tech provides Talent Management Business Solution for SME. The company’s core technology advantages are artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, robotic process automation, machine learning, and big data.

RSVP Technologies
RSVP Technologies is a leading-edge technology development company in Waterloo that has partnered with some of the largest consumer products companies in China to turn smart products into thinking products.

Based in Montreal and Toronto, NextAI is an accelerator and founder development program for early or idea-stage AI-enabled startups.

Borealis AI
Borealis AI is an Royal Bank of Canada run, curiosity-driven research centre dedicated to achieving the state-of-the-art results in machine learning.

Aggregate Intellect
Aggregate Intellect is a Toronto-based online/offline AI technical incubator with a focus on community, education, and IP generation.

UTMIST (University of Toronto Machine Intelligence Student Team) is a student organization officially affiliated with U of T, which aims to bridge the gap between machine learning undergraduate students and top scholars at U of T.

Bairong Inc.
Beijing-based Bairong provides financial information services to large companies.

Phenomic AI
Toronto-based Phenomic AI is using computer vision and high-content screening to develop the next wave of therapeutic antibodies against cancer and fibrosis.

Uber operates AI-enabled ridesharing and food delivery services in almost 800 cities worldwide. Uber has an Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) R&D Centre in Toronto.

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