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AI Biweekly: Trending StyleGAN Raises Concerns; AI Applications in the Finance Industry

10 AI News You Must Know from February W 1 - W 2

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Fanghao Luo – Analyst, Global Industry

The Downside of StyleGAN’s Surge in Popularity

StyleGAN is an open-source, hyperrealistic human face generator with easy-to-use tools and models. An Uber engineer has now used StyleGan to create the website, which generates a new fake face every time the top page is refreshed. This site is trending, but the tech behind it not without controversy. GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) are one of the most interesting technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. GANs have, however, also been used to build “deepfakes” in which individuals’ faces are realistically superimposed on target videos, effectively making them appear to be another person — and that other person is very often appearing in a porn film. Regulation and ethical practices surrounding the technology are important issues that should be discussed.

February 15 – Uses AI to Generate Endless Fake Faces


Ivan Zhou – Analyst, Global Industry

AI Applications in the Finance Industry
The finance industry is seeing an increasing number of AI solutions across a wide range of tasks. Customers can now ask for financial assistance through Fidor’s chatbot, receive mortgage advice from UBank’s online home loan aid Mia, and take steps toward financial well-being guided by Huntington Heads Up. Companies can also reduce controllership risk and improve efficiencies with Deloitte’s Reimagine Risk Sensing solution and cut costs related to invoicing and accelerate payment processing time with Rover180. Even though there are concerns about property safety and information security, it seems certain that AI tech deployment will enable even more personalized and convenient financial services in the future.

February 15 – Deloitte Launches “Reimagine Risk Sensing” Built on SAP Cloud Platform and Powered by SAP Leonardo for Controllers and their Teams

10 AI News You Must Know

February 15 – Inside the “Hive-Mind”: How AI-Powered Drone “Swarms” Can Benefit Society

February 15 – Introducing PlaNet: A Deep Planning Network for Reinforcement Learning

February 14 – IBM Watson Health announces $50M investment to advance AI in healthcare

February 13 – Amazon’s ‘Alexa Blueprints’ published on the US Alexa Skills Store

February 13 – Siemens Healthineers Demonstrates Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Digitalization at HIMSS19

February 11 – Accelerating The Internet With AI-Based Media Compression

February 9 – NVIDIA Open-Sources Hyper-Realistic Face Generator StyleGAN

February 8 – Hitachi Systems Provides Services Utilizing Machine Learning Automation Platform “Datarobot”

February6 – Machine Learning Powered Wearable Soft Robot for Patients with Limited Hand Mobility

February 4 – Intel Capital Fuels Cloud Innovation with a Combined $30 Million Investment in Three Startups

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