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Google and NVIDIA Break MLPerf Records; Facebook Bot Beats Poker Pros

Synced Global AI Weekly July 14th

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Google and NVIDIA Break MLPerf Records
“Faster, Higher, Stronger” is the Olympic motto that has pushed athletes to excellence for over a century. It’s not that different in the arena of AI model training. Forerunners Google and NVIDIA announced today that they have set new AI training time records on the MLPerf benchmark competition.
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‘An Absolute Monster Bluffer’ — Facebook & CMU AI Bot Beats Poker Pros
Don’t simply “all in” if there’s a bot at your Texas hold’em poker table, because Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University’s new Pluribus AI system just beat five human pros at the same time — including a couple of World Series of Poker Champs.
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StarCraft II Players Get the Chance to Play Against DeepMind’s AlphaStar!
Blizzard Entertainment, the American video game developer and publisher behind the StarCraft series, announced that AlphaStar will join the competitive ladder in Europe on the online gaming platform, where it will play a limited number of games against human players.


Learning to Speak Fluently in a Foreign Language: Multilingual Speech Synthesis and Cross-Language Voice Cloning
Researchers present a multispeaker, multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis model based on Tacotron that is able to produce high quality speech in multiple languages. Moreover, the model is able to transfer voices across languages, e.g. synthesize fluent Spanish speech using an English speaker’s voice, without training on any bilingual or parallel examples.

Learning by Abstraction: The Neural State Machine
Stanford University researchers introduce the Neural State Machine, seeking to bridge the gap between the neural and symbolic views of AI and integrate their complementary strengths for the task of visual reasoning.
(Stanford University)

The Citation Advantage of Linking Publications to Research Data
Researchers consider 531, 889 journal articles published by PLOS and BMC which are part of the PubMed Open Access collection, categorize their data availability statements according to their content and analyze the citation advantage of different statement categories via regression.
(The Alan Turing Institute & University of Amsterdam & Springer Nature & Public Library of Science & Queen Mary University & University of Cambridge)

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Are Commercial Labs Stealing Academia’s AI Thunder?
Commercial research labs run by Google Research, DeepMind, and OpenAI are taking central stage in the artificial intelligence era. The eye-popping achievements of these massively-funded AI labs are constantly producing headlines in tech journals and even mainstream media. Much of academia however remains skeptical of all the attention commercial labs are getting.

BigGAN + BiGAN = BigBiGAN | DeepMind Model Excels in Unsupervised Representation Learning and Image Generation
Leading UK AI research company DeepMind has now proposed “BigBiGAN” (not BigBigGAN, but BigBiGAN), which achieves state-of-the-art results in both unsupervised representation learning on ImageNet and in unconditional image generation.

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