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CVPR Announces Best Paper Awards; ImageNet Honoured 10 Years Later

Synced Global AI Weekly June 23th

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CVPR 2019 Attracts 9K Attendees; Best Papers Announced; ImageNet Honoured 10 Years Later
Conference organizers have announced the recipient of the CVPR 2019 Best Paper Award: A Theory of Fermat Paths for Non-Line-of-Sight Shape Reconstruction from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto, and University College London. The paper presents a novel theory on Fermat paths of light between a known visible scene and an unknown object not in the line of sight of a transient camera.

CVPR 2019 | Synced Notable Paper Picks
Envisioning Privacy Preserving Image-Based Localization for Augmented Reality
A Theory of Fermat Paths for Non-Line-of-Sight Shape Reconstruction
Neural Task Graphs: Generalizing to Unseen Tasks from A Single Video Demonstration
Using AI to Generate Recipes from Food Images
MediaPipe: A Framework for Perceiving and Augmenting Reality
Using Platform-Aware AI to Design Compact and Efficient Neural Networks
Accelerating MRI Reconstruction via Active Acqui


Functional Regularisation for Continual Learning
Researchers introduce a framework for continual learning based on Bayesian inference over the function space rather than the parameters of a deep neural network. This method, referred to as functional regularisation for continual learning, avoids forgetting a previous task by constructing and memorising an approximate posterior belief over the underlying task-specific function.

Meta-Learning Surrogate Models for Sequential Decision Making
Researchers introduce a unified probabilistic framework for solving sequential decision making problems ranging from Bayesian optimisation to contextual bandits and reinforcement learning. This is accomplished by a probabilistic model-based approach that explains observed data while capturing predictive uncertainty during the decision making process.

Bridging the Domain Gap for Neural Models
To understand the challenge behind domain shift and the need for domain adaptation, researchers establish a simple pilot experiment: they use the real-world house number images from SVHN dataset as one domain and the handwritten digit images from MNIST dataset as another domain.

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Leading Researchers Publish ‘Climate Change + AI’ Document
In an unprecedented “call for collaboration,” a group of 22 respected AI experts that includes Andrew Ng, Yoshua Bengio, and Demis Hassabis have published a paper exploring how machine learning (ML) could help deal with climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and proposing how societies might initiate and adapt to these changes.

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