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AI Biweekly: Canada Pumps Money into AI; Siemens Steps Up Digital Innovation

10 AI News You Must Know From February W3 - W4

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Victor Lu – Analyst, Global Industry

Canada Invests in AI and Technology

In the past two weeks Canada has been active in the technology sector and has committed a huge amount of funding. At the urging of NASA and due the success of its new AI-powered robotic arm, the country joined the US-led space project “Lunar Gateway.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced a US$150 million, five-year investment in the moon project. Another big deal in Canada is the upcoming BC TECH Summit, which will involve five CEOs from the Innovative Superclusters Initiative, Canada’s US$950 million innovation program. The westernmost province of British Columbia is becoming part of the country’s AI and technology ecosystem, joining tech centers Toronto and Montreal.

February 27 – Canada Joins US-Led Moon Mission

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada is joining the Lunar Gateway project led by the U.S.
  • Trudeau committed US$2.05 billion over 24 years toward the Canadian space program, and US$150 million over five years toward the Lunar Gateway.
  • NASA has identified its interest in Canada’s external robotic arm with artificial intelligence capabilities.

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Robert Tian – Senior Analyst, Global Industry

Innovation at Siemens – Robert

Siemens Digital Innovation Platform continues to help customers using advanced cutting edge technologies. Siemens recently released its AI-empowered NX software in the design field; and announced the AI-based breast cancer diagnosis solution “Syngo.breast.” The German industrial giant has also committed to fully functional electric regional commuter airplane development. Siemens intends to continue expanding its technologies to explore additional blue ocean markets.

February 28 – Siemens Healthineers’ AI-based Syngo.Breast Care to Redefine, Read, and Report Solution

10 AI News You Must Know

March 1 – SEBI Mulls ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ for Adopting AI, Blockchain in Securities Markets

March 1 – Kawasaki City Water and Sewerage Department Analyzes Deterioration of Water Pipes by Machine Learning to Reduce Damage and Leakage

February 28 – Automated Planning of Delivery Logistics at AI – Hitachi service in Thailand, Japan and China

February 27 – Growing AI Company DataRobot Expands Its Downtown Boston HQ

February 27 – Telefónica and Ericsson Sign AI-powered Network Operations Agreement

February 27 – Powered by AI and Computer Vision, Russia’s First Self-Driving Tram Could Start Regular Service in 2021

February 26 – CVPR 2019 Accepts Record 1300 Papers

February 26 – Electric, Driverless Vehicles Key to Survival for Canada’s Auto Industry

February 25 – New York MTA Launching First-Of-Its-Kind Tech Accelerator to Improve Subway and Bus Service

February 25 – California Wants Silicon Valley to Pay You a Data Dividend

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