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MWC 2019: Spotlight on AI & Robotics Innovations

Synced Global AI Weekly March 3rd

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Spotlight on AI & Robotics Innovations at MWC 2019
Every year as the calendar turns from February to March, the world’s leading electronics and telecommunications companies, startups, inventors, and a herd of tech journalists and analysts head to the Mobile World Congress. MWC 2019 kicked off February 25 in Barcelona, Spain, and the leading congress of its type has already produced a plethora of news and products built on AI and robotics.

MWC 2019: Intel’s ‘network in a box’ for smart cities
Intel is targeting smart cities deployments by looking into providing a network-in-a-box offering that integrates its Movidius artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator, multi-access edge computing, and a 5G mobile network all into a single offering. “It’s essentially a solution that can go into smart city where it sits like a beacon up on a wall,” Intel GM of 5G Advanced Technologies Rob Topol told ZDNet at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Barcelona.

MWC 2019: Huawei Showcases Its 5G, SoftCOM AI Solutions
Huawei is presenting its end-to-end 5G products and solutions at MWC 2019, such as simplified 5G sites, architecture, protocols, and operations & maintenance (O&M). These new offerings will help operators quickly deploy 5G networks on a large scale. Huawei has also launched the SoftCOM AI solution, which will help build autonomous driving networks of the future and maximize the value of telecom networks.
(PC Tech)

MWC 2019: AI Told Me Off for Not Brushing My Teeth Properly
According to Oral-B there’s a very good chance you’re not brushing your teeth properly. Either you’re missing bits, or you’re being way too forceful with keeping your chompers clean – which makes sense considering we’ve all been conditioned to apply plenty of elbow grease when we clean other things. So now there are toothbrushes, apps, and artificial intelligences designed to help you improve, and Oral B has both coming later this year.


Beyond Local Pattern Matching: Recent Advances in Machine Reading
In this blog post, we introduce two recent datasets collected by the Stanford NLP Group with an aim to further advance the field of machine reading. Specifically, these datasets aim at incorporating more “reading” and “reasoning” in the task of question answering, to move beyond questions that can be answered by simple pattern matching.
(Stanford AI)

Long-Range Robotic Navigation via Automated Reinforcement Learning
In three recent papers, Google AI Researchers investigate easy-to-adapt robotic autonomy by combining deep RL with long-range planning. They train local planner agents to perform basic navigation behaviors, traversing short distances safely without collisions with moving obstacles.
(Google AI)

Lingvo: a Modular and Scalable Framework for Sequence-to-Sequence Modeling
Lingvo is a Tensorflow framework offering a complete solution for collaborative deep learning research, with a particular focus towards sequence-to-sequence models. Lingvo models are composed of modular building blocks that are flexible and easily extensible, and experiment configurations are centralized and highly customizable.

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CVPR 2019 Accepts Record 1300 Papers
The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) announced this week they have accepted 1300 research papers for CVPR 2019, which will be held June 16–20 in Long Beach, California. This year’s submission and acceptance totals both set records for the world’s premier computer vision conference, which had never before accepted more than 1000 papers.

From Faces to Kitties to Apartments: GAN Fakes the World
As Synced previously reported, these hyperrealistic images now flooding the Internet come from US chip giant NVIDIA’s StyleGAN, a generative adversarial network based face generator that performs so well that most people can’t distinguish its creations from photos of real people.

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