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World First: Huawei Unveils Groundbreaking 5G Chipset “Tiangang”

Huawei has announced the world's first core chip for 5G base stations. The Chinese tech giant unveiled the new “Tiangang” chipset today in Beijing.

Huawei has announced the world’s first core chip for 5G base stations. The Chinese tech giant unveiled the new “Tiangang” chipset today in Beijing.

President of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group Ryan Ding says the chip makes breakthroughs in integration, computing capability and spectral bandwidth. The Tiangang chip’s computing capability is 2.5 times more powerful than previous chips, and it supports the 200 MHz high spectral bandwidth that will be required for future network deployment.

“Huawei now has industry-leading capabilities to deliver end-to-end 5G, with simplified 5G networks and simplified operations & maintenance (O&M). We are leading the commercial rollout of 5G, and building a mature industry ecosystem.”

Huawei says the new chip also improves active antenna units (AAU) in a revolutionary way, and will cut the weight of 5G base stations by half.

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At the launch event, Huawei also revealed the world’s first 5G multi mode Chipset “Balong 5000,” and announced its new foldable 5G phone will come to market in June.

Huawei confirmed that it has secured 30 commercial 5G contracts to date and has shipped over 25,000 5G base stations worldwide.

Author: Jessie Geng | Editor: Michael Sarazen

7 comments on “World First: Huawei Unveils Groundbreaking 5G Chipset “Tiangang”

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  2. The World Mind

    Huawei is greatest of the great. The king of the Kings. Who can compete with Huawei? Noone? Why? Because Huawei shares the benefits of the discovery, inventions and innovations with everyone on earth, to bring about betterment for all human race. If USA dominates 5G, many countries will be denied the benefits of the 5G technology fearing others will use it for their military advancement. Huawei has no such fear, because China is a benign nation. China sells 5G technology to India so that India can also advance economically, technologically and militarily. The world benefits when China supplies the fruits of the R and D with the rest of the world. China is not like USA. USA sells weapons and technology to those who toe and beg the war mongers of Pentagon. That is why Heaven bestows on China all the God Incarnates with super intelligent scientists to create the best and the low cost technology that even the poor countries can afford regardless of race, religion and political beliefs. That is why, Huawei, China is the greatest of the greatest and the King of the Kings. USA will have no choice but to take 2 nd place or even 3 rd place if it is continue to reject Huawei. Huawei want to help the American society be in the best of technology. If USA decline militarily, economically and technologically, it is because USA rejects Huawei

  3. The World Mind

    Huawei 5G technology offered to everyone is the world biggest best transformer for society value and advancement. USA rejection is self imposed to become the 5G laggard as only USA and her allies become the new laggards as the rest of the world who embrace Huawei .

  4. The World Mind

    We love you Huawei. You make the world become a fair playing field for all. By using Huawei communication, every nation can become strong technologically, economically and militarily.

  5. The World Mind

    USA is digging a grave for itself and allies by going against Huawei. The small brain thinkers are all going to suffer as all those who embrace 5G will be upgraded to 6 G…..USA and allies may all crawl back to Huawei one by one after realising the foolishness of their rejection of Huawei. Huawei is all embracing and nurture all

  6. The World Mind

    These are the countries who will be the new laggard in 5 G technology….
    3…New Zealand

    All above countries will become no because they are no good. It is because, Huawei is the state of art and science supported by annual R and D of many billions upon billions. No others can match.

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