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10 AI News You Need To Know From January W 2 - W 3

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Leyi Hu – Analyst, Global Industry

AI Healthcare Industry Investment Trends

The recent 37th JP Morgan HealthCare Conference was a magnet for venture capitalists. Many investors believe that the AI healthcare industry has huge potential for growth and will not be affected by economic cycles. This year, a record 38 Chinese companies participated in the conference, with 21 doing live presentations.

A new research paper published two weeks ago in Nature Medicine meanwhile attracted significant public attention: Boston-based digital health company FDNA introduced a smartphone app that can determine whether a person has a rare genetic disease from just a photo. The company utilizes computer vision to distinguish the facial phenotypes of genetic disorders and make a preliminary diagnosis accordingly.

In addition, over the past year many markets have experienced the “consumption upgrade” trend, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Many enterprises and universities are applying artificial intelligence technology to improve disease diagnosis. Major players here include Google DeepMind Health, Arterys, Yitu Tech, Ali Health, etc. We can expect additional artificial intelligence applications and integrations in the healthcare industry, bringing new solutions to a wide range of medical problems.

Jan 11 – The Best Healthcare Wearable Device at CES 2019

Jan 7 – AI Gets in the Face of Rare Genetic Diseases


Robert Tian – Senior Analyst, Global Industry

Going for Global Win-Win Development

“Stick to Globalisation, achieve shared and win-win development” — that’s the Chinese government strategy in today’s complicated international political and economic climate. Siemens’ global strategy seems to follow the same trajectory: pushing their digital-related technology and products around the world.

Siemens recently announced a partnership with China’s Feihe Dairy and Finnish manufacturer Konecranes, and has also signed a country-wide full-level collaboration with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) in cutting-edge energy technologies and research development. The agreement with DEWA will boost Siemens’ strength across AI, IoT, additive manufacturing and robotics. The step into national-level, cutting-edge technology development suggests Siemens’ potential in an international environment dealing with Brexit, Trade Wars, etc. It’s not difficult to predict that Siemens will enter even more country-level collaborations instead of putting all its efforts on the DEWA contract.

January 15 – DEWA, Siemens Sign MoU to Cooperate in R&D in Energy Technologies

January 10 – Konecranes Adopts Internet of Things Technology to Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds Using Siemens’ Digital Innovation Platform

10 AI News You Must Know

January 20 – Facebook Endows AI Ethics Institute at German University TUM

January 18 – Microsoft Bets Big on Artificial Intelligence in India

January 16 – Fujitsu Visual Inspection Equipment Utilizes Original Image AI Software

Jan 15 – Boston-based Publisher Acquires AI Powered Teaching and Classroom-Learning Platform Waggle

January 14 – IDC Report Offers a Pragmatic Framework for Understanding and Applying AI-Based Automation

January 10 – ADP Canada Adds AI-Enabled HR Foresight to ADP HR Assist(SM)

January 9 – Put Alexa and a JBL Speaker In Your Ceiling With This Clever LED Downlight

January 8 – 2019 CES: Intel and Warner Bros. Immersive CES Experience Previews Entertainment’s Future in Autonomous Vehicles

January 7 – 2019 CES: Intel Advances PC Experience with New Platforms, Technologies and Industry Collaboration

January 7 – Google Assistant will Support Over 1 Billion Devices

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