Are You Ready for A 5G Robot Cafe?

Synced Global AI Weekly December 30th

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First 5G Barista Robot Cafe Opens in Gangnam
KT has applied fifth-generation (5G) network technology to a barista robot at an unmanned cafe near Gangnam Station in southern Seoul, the telecommunications firm said Tuesday. At the cafe called “B;eat,” operated by local coffee franchise dal.komm, a robot barista takes orders and serves customers drinks and coffee.
(The Korean Times)

 New Robot USTAAD by Indian Railways Can Check Trains for Technical Glitches
Indian Railways is planning to use an artificial intelligence-based robot to monitor and record the health of the trains to avert the potential loss of life caused due to human error. The robot will reportedly record videos and take pictures of the under-gears of trains and update the engineers who can swing into action before it is too late.
(Analytics India)

An Anthropomorphic Soft Skeleton Hand Exploiting Conditional Models for Piano Playing
In this article, researchers considered the passive dynamics of mechanically complex systems, such as a skeleton hand, as an approach to improving adaptability, dexterity, and richness of behavioral diversity of such robotic manipulators. With the use of state-of-the-art multimaterial three-dimensional printing technologies, it is possible to design and construct complex…
(Science Robotics)

The Rise of China’s Medical Robotics Sector
According to a report by GCiS in 2016, the Chinese medical robots market is valued at RMB 791million, up 34.4% from 2015. By 2021, the medical robot sector is projected to grow to at least RMB 2.2billion.  From surgical to rehabilitation and homecare, robots look set to transform parts of the nation’s healthcare industry.


Massively Multilingual Sentence Embeddings for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer and Beyond
Researchers from University of the Basque Country and Facebook AI Research introduce an architecture to learn joint multilingual sentence representations for 93 languages, belonging to more than 30 different language families and written in 28 different scripts.
(Facebook AI Research & University of the Basque Country)

Super SloMo: High Quality Estimation of Multiple Intermediate Frames for Video Interpolation
Given two consecutive frames, video interpolation aims at generating intermediate frame(s) to form both spatially and temporally coherent video sequences. While most existing methods focus on single-frame interpolation, researchers propose an end-to-end convolutional neural network for variable-length multi-frame video interpolation, where the motion interpretation and occlusion reasoning are jointly modeled.
(UMass Amherst, NVIDIA, UC Merced)

Non-Adversarial Image Synthesis with Generative Latent Nearest Neighbors 
In this paper, researchers introduced a novel non-adversarial method for training generative models. Their method combines ideas from GLO and IMLE and overcomes the weaknesses of both methods. When compared on established benchmarks, this method outperformed the most common GAN models that underwent exhaustive hyperparameter tuning.
(Facebook AI Research)

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Alibaba Healthcare AI Targets Macau’s Flu Season
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