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10 AI News You Need To Know From December W 2 - W 3

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Leyi Hu – Analyst, Global Industry

The Importance of Electronic Medical Record Systems

Advanced analytics tools are being increasingly used within healthcare organizations to extract insights from data in order to provide an improved patient experience and reduce costs. Their widespread use has however highlighted the importance of effectively managing clinical records and individual health data.

SaaS companies active in this field are undertaking strategic actions to address the issue. Over the past two weeks Johns Hopkins Medicine cooperated with Nuance Communication in employing Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solutions to present physicians with real-time advice for diagnoses; while 3M invested US$1 billion to acquire M*Modal’s cloud AI technology. Both moves are focused on improving documentation accuracy and boosting operational efficiency. It is likely that in the future, secure electronic health record systems will create more refined and streamlined healthcare system that can offer better services to the public.

Dec 20 – 3M Acquires M*Modal’s Cloud AI Technology for $1B

Dec 18 – Johns Hopkins Medicine Collaborates with Nuance to Reduce Clinician and Caregiver Burnout and Improve Satisfaction and Engagement


Robert Tian – Senior Analyst, Global Industry

AI based RPA on your order

The rising issue of industrial labor shortages results from over competition in the global market. Although the “low profit and mass production” operation model increases industrial enterprises’ demand for vast amounts of cheap labor. However, hiring such laborers is not a long-term solution for enterprises. This has contributed to increased adaptation of industrial robotic process automation (RPA) and AI solutions. Recently, Kofax RPA and NICE launched their upgraded RPA solutions with AI features; and Automation Anywhere appointed Milan Sheth as their RPA and AI business development senior vice president. These and many other companies are addressing industrial labor shortages with robotic solutions, part of a strong trend toward AI and RPA.

December 11 – Kofax RPA Wins DM Award for Artificial Intelligence / Robotic Process Automation Product of the Year

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10 AI News You Must Know

Dec 20 – Relay Raises $400M to Kick Protein Motion Drug R&D into High Gear

December 20 – Intel Connected Logistics Platform Helps Prevent Package Loss or Damage in Transit

December 20 – Artificial Intelligence Provides Comfort for Residents in 100,000 Apartments

December 18 – Ada Nets $19 Million to Grow Its Customer Service Chatbot

December 18 – Siemens Works With Expo 2020 Dubai to Create a Blueprint for Future Smart Cities

  • As Expo 2020’s infrastructure digitalization partner, Siemens has started to leverage AI, cloud, and IoT technologies to build the site-wide digital building management system Desigo CC.
  • Desigo CC will cover three of the event’s Thematic Districts (Mobility, Opportunity, and Sustainability) in over 137 buildings to provide sustainability, comfort, safety and security services.

December 18 – Global Giant-backed Fleet Manager G7 Completes Record-Setting Funding Round of $320 Million to Expedite Smart Fleet Management and Autonomous Trucks Development

December 18th – Qualcomm Upgrades its LTE Modems to IoT Devices.

  • Qualcomm announced a new lines of chipsets and LTE modems for IoT devices. The new modems have lower cost, support a broader range of communication standards, and reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent.
  • According to Business Insider Intelligence, cost, coverage, and energy consumption are the main factors concerned by network operators.

December 14 – Facebook Open-Sources PyText NLP Framework

December 13 – Google Assistant Can Now Speak in British and Australian Accents in the US

December 12 – Alibaba Employs Medical AI to Predict Influenza Outbreak in Macau

  • Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s Medical AI is supporting the Macau Health Bureau’s disease trend forecast to predict outbreaks of influenza in the region.
  • A McKinsey Institute for Global Studies report supports the application of AI to public health protection.

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