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AI Biweekly: 10 Bits from May W1 – May W2

Singapore's NGEE Ann Polytechnic (NP) and London's Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) launch an AI in Finance course. The course will provide an overview of AI knowledge in the fintech and digital finance fields.

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May 1st – Singapore and London Top Learning Institutions Launch AI Related Finance Course
Singapore’s NGEE Ann Polytechnic (NP) and London’s Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) launch an AI in Finance course. The course will provide an overview of AI knowledge in the fintech and digital finance fields.

May 1st – Atlantic AI Lab Launches New Research Center in West Africa
Atlantic AI Labs opens its new research centre in Cotonou, Benin. The research centre will focus on AI technology development in the fields of healthcare, education, precision agriculture and wildlife conservation.

May 1st – Intel Launches the AI Builders Program to Accelerates Ecosystem Growth
Intel launches its “Intel AI Builders Program” to support partners with the implementation of AI technologies in the marketplace. The program enables partners to use Intel AI Builder as a one-stop-solution to establish best use cases, and will also provide funding for participating companies.

May 2nd – Siemens and Bonsai Training AI Models in the Real World
Siemens partners up with Bonsai to train deep reinforcement learning AI models in real world industrial environments. The model is able to independently operate a Computer Numerical Control Machine System with a speed 30x faster than a human operator.

May 3rd – Announces $3M Seed Investment from Samsung secures a US$3 million investment from Samsung. The company will use the funding for staff recruitment and regional business partnership development. Loom is an AI-based startup focusing on real-time AR/VR 3D animated avatar technology development.

May 7th – Plans to Launch Self-Driving Ride-Hailing Service announces it will implement an autonomous ride-hailing service this July in Frisco, Texas. A safe driver will be in each vehicle for the first phase, but the project will go fully autonomous with no safety driver by end of year. is a deep learning based autonomous driving company founded by Andrew Ng.

May 7th – Microsoft Adds Features to AI-based Azure IoT Edge
Microsoft enables cognitive services API, Event Grid and Kubernetes containers as support features on its AI-based Azure IoT Edge platform. The company is also committed to open-sourcing Azure IoT Edge.

May 8th – Intel Invests over $72m in AI, IoT, and Cloud Startups
Intel announces over US$72 million investment in 12 new startups during its global summit in California. The selected startups are based in Silicon Valley and working in AI, IoT and Cloud fields. Intel is eager to support startups in these fields, which it hopes will also boost the chip and processor markets.

May 8th – Nvidia Partners With Radical to Develop AI Cloud 3D Motion Solution
Nvidia collaborates with NY-based AI startup Radical to develop innovative AI solutions for 3D motion capture based on Nvidia GPU. The companies will also explore possible applications of the capability in AR/VR.

May 9th – Google Releases AI Products and Updates AI Strategy at I/O 2018
Google announces new products and strategies at Google I/O 2018. On the product side, Google Assistant, News and Photos will add new AI-based features to the user experience. On the strategy side, the company aims to build next-generation TPUs and accelerate machine learning-based Android OS development.

Analyst: Synced Industry Analyst Team | Editor: Michael Sarazen

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