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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018: Synced Announces 30 Best AI Use Case Award

Synced celebrates the Chinese New Year 2018 by announcing our 30 Best AI Use Case Award. The Award recognizes companies that have applied AI in various industries or organizations.

Synced celebrates the Chinese New Year 2018 by announcing our 30 Best AI Use Case Award. The Award recognizes companies that have applied AI in various industries or organizations.

Congratulations to the companies below for their outstanding achievements in the AI industry. Synced will continue to bring AI updates to our readers throughout 2018.


image (22).pngCobot’s intelligent grasping system comprises a robot, control system, visual system, and auxiliary system. The company is helping Yuguo Mushroom (裕国菇业) improve efficiency in sorting mushrooms.




Cyber Security

Netease AI
Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.31.18.png

NetEase AI uses facial recognition technology to set up email log in verifications to ensure account safety.


China’s AI-powered NetEase is Music to Your Ears

image (23).png SpeakIn provides voiceprint recognition and ID security solution for China’s police departments and judicial institutions. The company uses AI for anti-telecommunication fraud, anti-terrorism, criminal detection, and ID security checks.


Master Learner

xueba.pngMaster Learner develops AI applications for education purposes, providing personalized classes for over 80 million primary and middle school students in China.

Yixue Education

Yixue Education wimage (24).pngorks with Stanford University’s SRI Lab to research and deploy “intelligent adaptive learning” technologies. The company operates 500 schools in more than 20 Chinese provinces.



Kika Tech
image (25).pngKika leverages speech interaction systems with its AI-powered product Kika Keyboard. The AI engine understands and predicts user intentions to make conversations more expressive.


image (26).pngMeitu AI lab’s facial recognition and augmented reality technology enables Meitu beauty camera users to virtually try on trending makeup looks as well as create their own looks.

After Creating 166 Million Super Cute Selfies, Meitu’s AI Sets its Sights on Skin

image (27).pngWith Tuputech’s real-time image and video recognition API, Inke was able to detect violent and other objectionable or explicit content in images and videos with 99.5% accuracy, reducing manpower by 90% or more.

Fintech & Insurance


4paradium4paradigm AI helps Chinese banks boost performance in verticals like application anti-fraud, transaction anti-fraud, overdue or loss warning, liquidity management, smart collection, and disposal of non-performing assets.

Trio of China’s Big State Banks Invest in 4Paradigm AI


Ant Financial
image (29).pngAdopting image technology, Ant Financial’s AI-powered computer vision system helps insurance companies to optimize accident claim procedures and settle cases more quickly.


蚂蚁金服:只做 Tech,支持金融机构做 Fin


image (30).pngCreditX uses deep learning technology and knowledge mapping of financial data to help clients in the finance industry with risk management tasks.

Delta Entropy

image (31).pngDelta Entropy employs big data analysis and machine learning algorithms to enable automatic risk evaluation for large-scale machinery and equipment.



pampas.pngIPampasWealthBrain (iWB) provides AI solutions for financial institutions with intelligent wealth management and global asset allocation.


JD Finance
image (33).pngJD Finance uses a multi-dimensional consumer behavior model to analyze JD user data and recommends financial products to meet clients’ requirements.



image (50).png

Tachyus leverages machine learning in energy production for the oil and gas industry. Petroleum engineers can explore millions of scenarios  and identify optimal operationaland development plans.



Intuitive Surgical

image (35).pngIntuitive’s Da Vinci surgical robots enable surgeons to perform micro incision surgeries. The technologies have applications in cardiac, thoracic, urology, gynecologic, colorectal, pediatric and general surgical disciplines.


image (36).pngIntel develops the smart medical imaging technology that helps China’s AierEye Hospital improve the accuracy of eye disease diagnoses.



image (37).png12sigma Technologies introduces AI and deep learning to medical image diagnosis and medical data analysis to help doctors analyze CT scans more efficiently, especially for lung cancer.



Ross Intelligence

ross.jpegRoss Intelligence uses NLP technology to automate legal research, and improves efficiency for law firms. The company has partnered with law schools to conduct further research.




image (39).pngPatsnap’s AI-powered patent search and analysis platform helps business leaders, analysts, researchers, engineers and IP professionals make well-informed decisions.



hikvision.jpgHikVision’s smart warehouse solutions help China’s Master Logistics process documents and data in warehousing operations.



Marketing, Sales, and CRM


image (41).pngBloomReach helps department store Neiman Marcus make their content more discoverable with applications using content management, self-learning personalized site search, SEO optimization and merchandising analytics.

image (42).pngClarifai helps image recognition translate product image tags into 12 different languages to improve SEO and drive traffic to products in its e-commerce store, saving over US$10,000 in agency fees.



image (43).pngHMY Technology designs virtual fitting rooms. Its AI powered 3D reconstruction technology allows users to “model” different outfits.


Malong Technologies

image (44).pngMalong’s cloud-based ProductAI computer vision systems offer custom visual search engines for retailers’ product catalogues.



Yi Tunnel

YiTunnel_AN18Yi Tunnel uses image & facial recognition technology to produce AI-powered purchasing and vending machines, which allow unattended checkout and make offline shopping more convenient.

Speech Interaction


aispeechAISpeech specializes in speech interaction technology. Its services are used by well-known home speaker brands in China including Alibaba’s AliGenie.


在 AI 创业的好时代,初敏结束 8 年阿里生涯加入思必驰
思必驰发布 DUI 开放平台,全链定制化赋能更多终端


image (47).pngElevoc Technology provides a new-generation voice signal processing engine for telecommunication, smart home and vehicle devices. It does real-time implementation of practical monaural speech de-noising.


image (49).pngKuaishou is a live video streaming platform broadcasting user generated content. It includes an AI-powered recommendation system.



iFLYTEK_Logo_highres.jpgiFlyTek’s speech recognition solutions are used in cars for hands-free interaction. Users canmake voice navigation commands, phone calls, send text messages, access a browser search and so on.


Will iFlytek Voice Input’s 98% Accuracy Kill the Keyboard?


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