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JDD-2017 Global Data Challenge Now Accepting Challengers! Prizes Up to USD 45,000!

On November 6, JD Finance will launch the first JDD-2017 Global Data Challenge. Yes, we want you on board!

The world is witnessing the revolutionary power of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. As one of the world’s biggest economies and most populated country, China is developing future mega-metropolises powered by the AI engine. Businesses using AI technology to provide products or services are building a society of tomorrow.

If you are excited by the impending change just as we are, the time has arrived for you to take on the challenge: on November 6, JD Finance will launch the first JDD-2017 Global Data Challenge. Yes, we want you on board!

Your insight, creativity, and most importantly, technical skills will be used to address real-world problems, competing side-to-side with members of the global tech community. Moreover, challenge winners will take home up to 45,000 USD cash prize and be offered positions at one of China’s largest e-commerce companies.

Challenge Highlights

  1. Professional and global industrial and academic jury in the field of artificial intelligence.
  2. Four fin-tech competitions with real business scenarios, true problem, and valid data. Let the data actualize more value than imagined. Make finance simpler and more equal.
  3. Synchronized global competition. Qualification trial will take place online, where talents will compete across the globe at the same time.
  4. Challenge is designed with due respect for community culture. Qualification Trial and Algorithms Track final are designed to place technical capability first, with unified global standards, synchronized across the time zone. Business Solution Track final is designed to place commercial feasibility first, with teams from China and US competing separately.

Two Tracks

Teams can choose either Algorithm Track or Business Solution Track for one of the following four competitions.

Algorithm Track finals – Beijing, China | Business Solution Track finals – Silicon Valley, US.

Four Competitions

  1. Risk Detection with Login Behaviors
  2. Store Sales Forecasting
  3. Loan Forecasting
  4. Pig Identification

Challenge Timeline (US) 

11.06-11.20 Registration

11.09-12.12 Qualification Trial

12.13-12.20 Prep Finals

12.21 Finals


Business Solution Track (US)

1st Place (1 Team): 45,000 USD

2nd Place (1 Team): 30,000 USD

3rd Place (1 Team): 15,000 USD

Awards of Excellence (13 Teams): Delicate Gift

Note: all prizes are pretax, actual figures need to deduct tax

Algorithm Track

Winners (4 in total)

45,000 USD per Competition Champion Team, final interview offer from JD Finance for technical positions (valid within 1 year)

Awards of Excellence (16 in total)

Top-Notch Judges (Preliminary)

Li Deng, Chief AI Officer, Citadel

Ching-Yung Lin, Distinguished Researcher and Chief Scientist, IBM

Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist of AI/ML, Google Cloud

Subbarao Kambhampati, President of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Professor at Arizona State University

Sebastian Thrun, Co-Founder of Udacity, Co-Founder of the Google’s Self-Driving Car Project

Tuomas Sandholm, Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Co-Creator of Libratus/Lengpudashi

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Challenge Organizers

Organizer: JD Finance

About is both the largest e-commerce company in China and the largest Chinese retailer by revenue. The company strives to offer consumers the best online shopping experience. Through its user-friendly website, native mobile apps, and WeChat and Mobile QQ entry points, JD offers consumers a superior shopping experience. The company has the largest fulfillment infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China. As of June 30, 2017, operated 7 fulfillment centers and 335 warehouses covering 2,691 counties and districts across China, staffed by its own employees. is a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.


About JD Finance

Established in late 2013, JD Finance is one of China’s leading fintech companies. The company has 10 major business lines: supply chain finance, consumer finance, crowdfunding, wealth management, payments, insurance, securities, rural finance, financial technology and an international business line. As of June 30, 2017, JD Finance has served more than 500,000 corporate clients and 150 million individual consumers. JD Finance leverages its big data and industry-leading technology to provide comprehensive and modularized services to various financial institutions and help the industry to increase revenues, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In June 2017, JD Finance spun off from to become an independent entity.


Co-Organizer: Sequoia

Sequoia Capital was founded in 1972, with about 30 funds and over $10 billion of capital under management. Sequoia Capital in China now manages 8 funds with a total value of about 2.5 billion USD funds plus more than 4 billion RMB funds, which are used to invest in those high-growth enterprises in China.

Global Strategic Partner: Synced

Synced is the industry’s most influential media entity that focuses on reporting machine intelligence and related technologies. Principled to produce professional, authoritative, and edifying content relating to the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, and other forefront technologies, Synced is serving a professional audience of over 500,000.For more information on Synced, please visit our website at (Chinese) and, or follow us on Twitter @Synced_Global.

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