About Us

Founded in March 2014, Synced, is China’s first media entity that focuses on reporting machine intelligence and related technologies. We are currently the industry’s most influential content producer, principled to produce professional, authoritative, and edifying content relating to the fields of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, and other forefront technologies. We are dedicated to providing a platform for those who wish to learn more about cutting-edge technology and discover how to deal with the upcoming waves of technological revolution; A platform that proactively initiates discussions regarding human-technology relationship that seek to inspire imagination and creativity, meanwhile encourages readers to reflect upon the interactive future of humanity and technology.

On China’s largest social network and content sharing platform, WeChat, Synced has more than 190,000 subscribers with more than 50,000 readership per day. It also has over 20,000 daily total page visit on other platforms such as Baidu, TouTiao.com, Netease and SohuSynced fills the gap in China’s science and technology media scene. Based on subscriber and third-party feedbacks, our professionalism, practicality and thoughtfulness are widely recognized and commended by company executives, experts, scholars, well-known investors, industry practitioners, among other technology enthusiasts. We are the key content provider for Tencent, Baidu, and TouTiao.com, winning the title of Huxiu’s Top Ten Content Provider of 2015 and TouTiaos Best vertical-Media of 2015. We were proud to be serving as APEC Global VR Summit’s chief technology media, the one and only Chinese Media partner of AI frontier conference in the silicon valley, and invited to report in the Brain Forum 2016 in Switzerland as the only Chinese media.

Synced has conducted numerous in-depth interviews with industry leaders, for who provided valuable insight on industry dynamics and expertise. Past interviewees include the god father of Reinforcement Learning professor Richard Sutton from University of Alberta, chief scientist at Baidu Research Silicon Valley and adjunct professor at Stanford University Andrew Ng, Professor Eric P. Xing from Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft Research’s chief Artificial Intelligence scientist Deng Li , Professor Qiang Yang from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the founders of MXNet, Duke University’s vice provost for research Lawrence Carin, Professor Jack Gallant from UC Berkeley, Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman, and so on. We have also reported on Baidu, Google, IBM, Microsoft, among other major technology companies, alongside many outstanding Artificial Intelligence companies and robotics startups around the world.

In addition to content production, Synced provides services to interested individuals in the artificial intelligence industry, including financial advisory, globalization strategy and talent recruitment. At the same time, Synced has covered young Chinese researchers in more than 40 colleges and universities in North America and Europe.