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Hot Chips | A California Startup Has Built an AI Chip as Big as a Notebook. Why?

California artificial intelligence startup Cerebras Systems yesterday introduced its Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine (WSE), the world’s largest-ever chip built for neural network processing.

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Meet Your AI-Generated Dream Anime Girl

Do you dream of Asuna Yuuki? Do you long to escape to a fantasy world with a beautiful anime partner? If so there’s a new artificial intelligence system just for you — the “Waifu Vending Machine” can create a highly customized anime companion in minutes.

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Magically Remove Moving Objects from Video

Have you ever shot a perfect video only to have it spoiled by an unsightly pedestrian, truck or other moving object passing through the frame? Although most people know how to crop or photoshop their photos to remove unwanted stuff, doing so with video is another matter entirely.