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Lethal Autonomous Weapons & Info-Wars: A Scientist’s Warning

“To pretend science is morally neutral, and that you can develop anything and have clean hands because it is someone else using it to kill people is extremely naive, and scientists should know that.” – UC Berkeley’s Dr. Stuart Russell

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Failures of Deep Learning

In 2015, Anh Nguyen published a paper in CVPR that identified a limit in computer vision, where you can fool a deep neural network (DNN) by changing an image in a way that’s imperceptible to humans, but can cause the DNN to label the image as something else entirely.

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Why AlphaGo is not AI

Thanks to AlphaGo, the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) came under the spotlight (again). However, Jean-Christophe Baillie doesn’t agree that AlphaGo is AI, for the reason that it’s not able to get us to full AI – an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).